Corpus Callosum
Spirits of the Red City
Anthonie Tonnon
Shenandoah Davis

at the Fortress Callosum
750 Natoma St, San Francisco
Wednesday, September 25th, 2013
6:30 doors, 7pm music
$10 suggested donation

This is the show of the year for 750 Natoma, and we are ever so excited to make the official announcement. We are quite looking forward to having you over, serving you tea, and presenting the best music you will ever hear, hyperbole aside.
Our closest friends, our perennial rivals, our decisive betters, the Spirits of the Red City will at last perform at 750 Natoma. In 2009 we fell in love in more ways than musicians should speak openly about, and they remain our favoritest band ever. The Spirits have challenged us as composers, inspired us as collaborators, and been the dreamiest tour buddies imaginable. The songwriting is unrivaled and the heartfelt, honest presentation of the music is legendary in these circles. We are honored to be able to host them, at last, in a room that we built intentionally with their sound in mind. Spirits will be touring with their new album, Jula.
We have fawned over Shenandoah Davis’s songwriting and performancing for years. Her magical fingertips are the prevailing reason we even bother tuning our piano (not even a joke). I do believe all the birds on Natoma Street stopped singing just to listen to her voice the last time she performed here, and we invite you all back to witness the recreation of that spectacular event.
Anthonie Tonnon, New Zealand’s shining star, has made room in his US tour to perform in our humble San Francisco warehouse. Really, we don’t deserve this caliber of musician and, yet, he will be here, in the flesh, on our rug, close enough for the sweat from his brow to drop onto our trembling knees.
As of last week, after a solid year in the studio, Corpus Callosum’s upcoming album is now recorded!  We take a breather from the mixing and mastering process to perform with a bill of our bestest friends in the whole world.
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Slowly Shrinking Circle vocals.

Slowly Shrinking Circle vocals.

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We got horns.
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Corpus Callosum’s Avery Burke performs at the Corpus Studio this Friday with Shivering Timbers (OH), Miwa Gemini (NY) and Grannia Griffith (NM), music at 7pm, $5-10 suggested, none turned away for lack of funds, free fine tea:

With fantastically full 60’s-folk-rock arrangements and beautiful lullaby-like vocals, Shivering Timbers is by far the coolest new music that we’ve come across in an embarrassingly long time. This family band is spot-on, and we honestly expect that they’ll be too famous to even talk to us by this time next year. But in less than two weeks we will have them trapped in our rehearsal space for a very special one-night-only affair.

By some incredible coincidence, we are being graced by a visit from our good friend Miwa Gemini from New York City that same night. Everything about Miwa is wonderful - not “wonderful” in the way that you would describe a cupcake or a sunshower, however, but “wonderful” in the way you might use in reference to a tortoise with seagull wings, or one of those ethanol-soaked-animal-brains that Stephanie Stewart Bailey is curating in her room.

Co-headlining this show will be our own Avery Burke. If you have not yet heard Avery perform solo (or close to solo), he is absolutely amazing when the rest of us aren’t drowning him out, so be sure it will be a treat. (I’m being quite serious that Avery’s solo performances are incredible, so don’t miss this chance!)

And lastly, our special guest is Grannia Griffith of New Mexico’s Cloacas, a fantastic young songwriter that we’re delighted to have up this way.

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How about some Corpus Callosum fanfic to brighten your Friday evening?

(This work of art was written and sent to us by our very good friend, Kai Stewart.)

When Qarly came into the room, Avery said  “Qarly, I’m so glad you’re here!  We have to play a show at the Governor’s mansion in seventeen minutes, and I can’t find anyone!”  His hair was a frantic nimbus of bronze around his chiseled features, and he was wearing a stained fedora he’d got from a hobo in New Brunswick and a suit that had been made out of several other suits.  He hadn’t shaved, and he looked like a Greek god after an all-night bender.  One of the good ones; probably Apollo or Phoebus or somebody like that.  Qarly brushed her strawberry blonde hair out of her aquamarine eyes.  She dropped her extra-long rocket skateboard by the door of Fortress Callosum, the complex of underground tunnels they’d built beneath the San Francisco Bay and protected with lasers they’d built out of scrap steel, and trained sharks.

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Our last show as a full band (before our dear Jason leaves us for grad school) is broadcasting now!
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Corpus Callosum plays Langton Labs: Hacked Organic
photo via Rachel Kalmer 

Corpus Callosum plays Langton Labs: Hacked Organic


photo via Rachel Kalmer 

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Uncanny Valley #8 article in Metro Silicon Valley
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Uncanny Valley of the Heart’s Delight #8

Will Sprott
Nick Jaina (OR)
Corpus Callosum

at Anno Domini Gallery
366 S First St, San Jose

7-10pm, all ages, $8

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Aaron's Bizarre-o Thought Blog: Peer Review - Corpus Callosum


Each of Corpus Callosum’s members is integral to the whole, contributing to their offbeat orchestra and also singing in their immense chorus, which is a distinctive part of their lush sound. Some of their more theatrical performances even feature a sort of second-hand spectacle: items plucked from junkyards and thrift shops, converted into puppets, instruments and props; mythic properties given to what was once on the figurative trash heap.

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